Update The Theme From 2.x

Update Love travel to version 3.0 has been a mandatory procedure since in 2 years ( version 2.x ) the technology and Envato’s rules have changed, for example :

  • in the theme it is no longer possible to incorporate custom features but these must all of them are incorporated by external plugins to the theme.
  • some features used in the “Redux” framework used to manage theme options have been deprecated and no longer work with new versions of wordpress and updated php version.
  • the “old” visual composer current “Wp bakery page builder” removed many components that we used in the old version creating new ones much more efficient.

How long does it take me to update ?

After this premise the update of the theme and the creation of version 3.0 was a natural consequence due to these and many other reasons. However, do not worry we have also updated our online demo from version 2.x to 3.0 and the update was not as complicated as it may seem, our developer took only 2 hours to recreate some components and adapt some pages to the new version.

New features

In version 3.0, as well as adapting the new requests of Envato and new components were introduced new and important features such as, for example, a new search page with more efficient ajax with many more filters, we have introduced a new theme administration panel and many new features with the Travel Management wp plugin ( many types of Header and Footer, text options and fonts and much more).

Steps to upgrade

Below we can summarize the major steps that we recommend to update your project to the new version :

  • install a new version of WordPress on a new web space
  • perform the installation procedure of the theme that you can find here
  • copy all media and your old contents in the new web space
  • adapt the pages and the new components of your project using the new components

Hoping that you can update your project in the best way we hope and you will enjoy the new features of the new version.

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