All of the theme strings are translatable and are therefore compatible with multilanguage plugins.
This is why the theme is compatible with WPML, one of the most famous plugin for managing a multilingual website in wordpress. You can see that the theme is completely compatible through this link (we made a sample demo by inserting the English and Italian language).


To purchase the plugin you can go here for any problem you can rely on its official support here.

Note : For the proper management of your multilingual site you must also translate the plugin strings nd-shortcodes.

Some advices

For the proper functioning of WPML my advice is to follow the recommended settings in the WPML documentation, moreover below you can find some fundamental points for the correct functioning. As you can imagine the plugin does not automatically translate all the strings and pages of your site but they will have to be translated manually according to the language you have entered.

Language URL format

WPML -> Languages ​​set as option “Different languages ​​in directories”


Custom Post Types

Make sure you have set up the translation of the plugin’s custom post types in WPML -> Translations Options -> Custom Posts

WPML and Ajax

For the Ajax room search to work properly, make sure that you have flagged WPML -> Languages ​​-> Language filtering for AJAX operations


Translate the options

Remember that for a complete translations of your project you have to translate also the options of the theme and the plugin, you can set your translations of the options in WPML -> Strings Translation -> Translate texts in admin screens », more information in this article.

This step is very important since as you can see in travel Plugin -> Plugin Settings -> the pages Search and other options .. are options that have to be translated for the proper operation of the entire translating process.

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