Note: Please if you already knew the translation files go here to translate the theme and plugin.


The theme and nd-shortcodes plugins are “localization-ready”, this it means that you can translate them in your language easily.

For the translation the “Text Domain” it is really important since you use it for denote all text belonging to that theme and it have to match the “slug” of the theme. The text domain name must use dashes and not underscores and be lowercase.

For properly translate the theme you need to know your “language code” and/or country code that you have set as default language in: Dashboard > General > Site Language.

Language code list here.

Translation Files

File types of the translation

  • .pot :  this file is a “portable object template” that contains all of the text to be translated. Since it’s just a template, it serves as the basis for your translation. It doesn’t contain the translations themselves.
  • .po :  the “portable object” file contains the original text and the translations. It’s the file we’re about to show you how to edit.
  • .mo :  this is the “machine object file.” When your translation is complete, you will convert or export your .po file to this file type so that WordPress can use it.

Translation of the the theme and plugin

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