Shortcode [nd_icon_text]

You can add this shortcode for exmaple in the top header:

[nd_icon_text icon='' image='' text='' text-color='' link='' float='' image-width='' class='']

icon In the the theme you already have a set of icon done. Please check the list of icon at the end of the table.
image If you want to set a custom icon for your social you can insert here the link of the image. Not mandatory.
text Here you can insert your text.
text-color Here you can insert the hexadecimal color for the text ( #000000 ).
link Here you can insert the link.
float Here you can insert the float of the component ( left/right ).
image-width Here you can insert the custom image width ( 10px ).
class Here you can insert a custom class.

Social icon already integrate in the theme: facebook-grey – facebook-white – instagram-grey – instagram-white – linkedin-grey – linkedin-white – login-grey – login-white – pinterest-grey – pinterest-white – share-grey – share-white – twitter-grey – twitter-white – user-grey – user-white – world-grey – world-white – youtube-grey

Example : [nd_icon_text class='your_class' icon='world-grey' text='LANGUAGES' ]

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