Price Exceptions

Exceptions allow you to set a different price for your room for a specific season or day. You can enter multiple exceptions for each room.

Create an Exception

To create a new exception click on the “Exceptions -> Add new” on the right menu, you only need to insert few parameters to create an exception:


  • Exception title
  • Date range From and To, insert the period where you want to have the different price
  • Price ( the field only accepts numbers )

Insert the exception in your room

Enter on the room that you want to add the price exception, Rooms -> Select Room, in the Metabox at the bottom of the page, click on “Exception” tab section and enter the exception previously created in the text field. The field has an intuitive javascript so you can select your exception from the drop-down menu.



You have created your price exception and added to your room, in the example we have created the price exception for one week in August 2018 so that room for 7 days will no longer have the normal price but it will cost 150 $ per night ( price included in the exception ).

NOTE : For avoid some server errors which read incorrectly different years dates, each exception can’t include 2 different years.

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