How to add content in CPTs

The theme includes various Custom Post Type ( Example: Rooms, Services, Exceptions, Branches, Coupon, Locations ), adding content in these sections is very simple and below I will indicate the various steps to be performed.

The various custom post types are the same and different only in the elements and options that you find inside, some have more options to fill in as the rooms cpt, others have less information such as services.

Most custom post type also have some metaboxes and for a correct insertion of all content when you create an element in a custom post type my advice is to fill out all the options offered, from the title to all fields and options present in the metaboxes.

For example, if we want to add a room, we perform the following steps ( these steps are the same to use for other custom post types ) :

  • Click on Rooms -> Add New
  • Insert all main informations as the title and the content on the main wp editor
  • Set the Featured Image
  • At the end of the page you will see all metaboxes that you have to insert so use the vertical tab for access on the various rooms settings
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