The custom post type of the teachers allows various settings and each teacher can be assigned to multiple courses.


Below the video example

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You may assign the teacher to different categories and in the Metaboxes you can enter the following settings:

Field Description
Teacher Option These are the most important settings of the course and you can:

– Role: Set here the teacher role.
– Location: Set here the teacher location.
– Color: This is the teacher preview button color.
– Cf7: Here you can select from a CF7 list form which one you want to display in the single course.

Header Image Here you can set the header image, choose the position and the title displayed in the header.
Teacher info This information appears in the single teacher page and they are very useful for users who need to contact him.
Excerpt Enter the text you want to display in the preview of each course
Teacher Social In the single teacher page you can show the social, only enter the social link.
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