Courses Learning Component

The courses component is a post grid that allows you to show a preview of your course filtered.
If you do not see the component be sure that in : Wp Dashboard > Learning plugin > Addons manager > Main Addons > Visual Composer Components is checked.


Below the video example

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Shortcode parameters :

Field Description
Layout Choose the layout of your post grid.
Width Select the width for post preview grid ( 20%, 25%, 33%, 50%, 100% )
Qnt Courses Insert the quantity of courses that you want display.
Order Select the Order paramater, more info here.
Order By Select the OrderBy paramater, more info here.
ID Course Insert the id of the post that you want display ( NB: only one post ).
Taxonomy Insert the Taxonomy slug:

– Levels = difficulty-level-course
– Categories = category-course
– Locations = location-course
– Typologies = typology-course
– Durations = duration-course

Term Taxonomy Insert the slug of your Term Taxonomy. For example for the Taxonomy “Levels” the term could be “beginner”.
Image Size Choose the image size that you want to use in the preview.
Custom class Here you can insert one or more custom class.

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