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The plugin supports paypal as a payment method to receive your donations, configuring your paypal account is very simple, access the settings you see in the image below by clicking on Donation Plugin -> Paypal Settings.



In the following table all parameters available :

Field Description
Developer Mode

If you want to test the correct functioning of the payment process you can enable this feature, the system will not linked the user to but to where real money will not be used for payment ( To use this feature is mandatory to have a sandbox account, more information here ). Sometimes we noticed that in developer mode the system returns an “internal server error”, maybe caused by the large number of people who are testing using the sanbox server. Obviously this is not a plugin problem but a sandbox problem that is usually solved in few minutes



Enter your Paypal account email here, remember that if you want to use the “developer mode” you need to enter the email of your sandbox account, something like this :, and for make a test donation you should use your sandbox buyer test email, something like this

PDT identity token

Having a PDT token to link paypal to the plugin is mandatory, here you can find more information for creating your own token and activate automatic return to your site after payment ( which is mandatory for have all donations statistics in your plugin dashboard )


Select the currency you want to use

Activating PDT and Auto Return

As I said before to create the PDT token and set the automatic return to the site after the correct payment procedure you can follow the information at this link.

Note : If you have trouble creating your key, ask to paypal support, since I can not enter into your paypal account. Remember that the link you need to set for automatic return is the link to the “Thank you Page” page where you entered the shortcode [nd_donations_thankyou], more information in the “Plugin Settings” section.

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