The location is a custom post type and you can use it for show different locations on map.  In each location you have to set the  coordinates for the proper functioning of the components Gmaps Marker and you can find how to get the coordinates here.

Location Settings

The correct insertion of the data in the location is essential for displaying it on the map.

  • Coordinates : Enter the coordinates of your locations. Here more info.
  • Title : Insert the title of the location.
  • Subtitle : Insert the subtile of the location.
  • Description : Insert the description of the location.

NOTE : remember that if you have not followed our installation video tutorial, you’ll need to enable the custom post type “Locations” through the plugin manager, Theme Options > Plugin Settings > Custom Post Types and check Locations.


For the proper functioning of the component Gmaps Marker you have to add your personal API Key. Create your Api key here and then go in your Dashboard > Theme Options -> Locations -> Api key and insert your Key. If you want you can follow the installation video to understand better.

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