In our theme you can upload both SVG logos and the standard PNG logos. Whether you want to use a logo svg or png my advice it is to add an image without transparent or white space around the logo in order to set easily his position and size in the header.

Set the Logo

If you need to add the logo you need to do it via customizer. Please follow  these steps:

  • Go in your Dashboard > Appearance > Customizer.
  • Select “Header” and you will find “Logo”.
  • Logo : hit “select File” and insert the source media of your logo.
  • Logo Width : specify the logo width.
  • Logo Margin top : specify the margin top of your logo.
  • Logo Responsive : upload the logo that you want to use in mobile view.

Note : If you wnat to add you logo retina remember that the new retina detects your image at a double-pixel density. For this reason you need to upload your logo at least twice the displayed size. For example, if your logo needs to be displayed at 100px width, upload your logo at least a 200px width.


For optimal WordPress usage for change the favicon the theme use the native WordPress function as presented in the official WordPress documentation here.

For add you custom favicon please:

  • Go in your Dashboard > Theme Option > Theme option > and the Customizer will be opened.
  • Select “Site identity” and you will find “Site icon” at the end of the section where you can upload your favicon.
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