Translate the plugin

Note : Please read this introduction to the translation before proceeding and be sure to translate also the theme for the complete translation of the theme.

To translate the plugin you have to:

  • download the poedit (a free translations editor)
  • open the “nd-shortcodes.pot” file, that you will find in the languages folder (../wp-content/plugins/nd-shortcodes/languages/ ), with poedit.
  • at the end of the poedit screen you will find a button “Create new translation”
  • choose language translation ( the same of your wordpress language ).
  • start translating the strings and save your .po file with a title according to your language abbreviations and associated country. For example if you want to create an American English translation, the file will be named nd-shortcodes-en_US.po.
  • when you save this .po file from Poedit, the application automatically generates an additional .mo file and you have to saves it in the same directory on your language folder.

Language code

The translation code must match the language code of wordpress. More information than here. For example the Spanish language code is es_ES but if you have installed wordpress in Argentine language the code will be es_AR.

Note : Remember that the translation file name is composed of the slug of the plugin nd-shortcodes and the language code, as in the example below.

Language folder nd shortcodes

In your language folder ( ../wp-content/plugins/nd-shortcodes/languages/ ) you will have for example:

  • .po file name: nd-shortcodes-es_US.po
  • .mo file name:

Language folder nd learning

In your language folder ( ../wp-content/plugins/nd-learning/languages/ ) you will have for example:

  • .po file name: nd-learning-es_US.po
  • .mo file name:
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