The custom post type of the courses allows various settings and can be purchased by the user if the price is inserted, or to book it.


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You may assign the course to different taxonomies – Level , Categories, Locations, Typologies, Durations – and in the course Metaboxes you can enter the following settings:

Field Description
Course Option These are the most important settings of the course and you can:

– Price: Set 0 if you want your course free.
– Max Availability: Set the maximum of people for this course.
– Main Teacher: Select the main teacher of the course. His images will display in preview of some courses layout.
– Other Teacher: These teachers appear in the teachers course tab.
– Start Date: If you enable the “calendar” addons you will see in the course page a calendar with this date selected.
– Color: This is the course preview button color.
– CF7 Form: Here you can select from a CF7 list form which one you want to display in the single course.

Header Image Here you can set the header image, choose the position and the title displayed in the header.
Excerpt Enter the text you want to display in the preview of each course
Documents Options If you want to add any documents to a course her eyou can chose the “Title Tab” where the courses are displayed and the “Title Tab Content”.
If you want to add the documents to this course first you have to create it and then you can write your document name in the “Documents” field and hit enter when the intuitive field will show you the correct documents name.
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